In addition to fishing excursions that promotes healing, companionship, and healthy outdoor activity for our military veterans and their families, we also provide fundraising events from time to time. 2020 was a tough year to get out on the lake but we are changing that in 2021. Stay tuned for our upcoming events here at the Freedom Fishing Foundation.

Upcoming events:

100 Too Many, October 1-2

Caleb Wedger will put on his running shoes for 100 miles of pavement, all in the name of raising money and awareness about to the alarming rate of veteran suicides in Minnesota. “It’s 100–too many miles to run for me, but 100 veterans a year is just an average that, frankly, we should be talking about,” said Wedger.

He’s hired a trainer to help him get ready to run the ultra-marathon distance, where he’ll take off from the Forest Lake American Legion and run north along the U.S. Highway 61 footpath to North Branch, then back south to Forest Lake, where he’ll then run south to Hugo on the same path–and back. He aims to raise $10,000/$100 per mile by getting sponsors per mile. The money will go directly to Freedom Fishing Foundation.

Help Caleb reach his goal by donating here.

Path to Hope Mental Health Expo, October 2

On the heels of 100 Too Many we will continue the important discussion of mental health with a Path to Hope Mental Health Expo. A gathering of resources to help us all navigate this topic. If you or a loved on is struggling with mental health come explore the expo and learn about ways to connect with helpful resources. If your company or organization provide mental health services we encourage you to take part by having a booth in the expo. 

If your organization would like to take part, you can register here. There is no cost to visit the expo.

MTH Fall Classic, October 8-9

Freedom Fishing Foundation is excited to sponsor Warrior’s Next Adventure with a race car driven by Nick Rath. The Fall Classic will take place at the Ogilvie Raceway. Head to the track and cheer on Nick!

For full event detail, click here.