Freedom 50

In 2021 Caleb Wedger approached Freedom Fishing Foundation with an idea. He wanted to run 100 miles to bring awareness to the estimated 100 Minnesota Veterans lost to suicide each year. 100 Too Many was a success in generating awareness, starting tough conversations, and raising money to help veterans.

Caleb did it! And 100 is too many. Too many lives lost and too many miles, so we are taking the momentum from last year’s event and moving forward with the Freedom 50 Miler and 5K. 100 Too Many was a life-changing event for Caleb and we are eager to invite more people to challenge themselves, whether that is running the 5K or taking on the 50 Miler.

This event will raise money to provide recreational therapy which we believe to be one of the most impactful methods of helping veterans and their families live healthier lives.

The event will take place on October 1st, starting in Forest Lake, MN. 

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