These guys know what they’re doing. Whether you have never fished before or have been fishing your whole life, Jim & Eric know how to set you up for success. I had an amazing time out fishing and would do it again in a heartbeat. Thanks. So much.



I truly enjoy what Jim & Eric do for us vets. The fishing helps me deal with everyday life. Not just catching fish but being out on the water in a boat gives me great pleasure. I thank you!


Army Veteran

Best experience fishing in years. Jim & Eric were great hosts. Had a fun time catching lots of fish. Would highly recommend this for any disabled vet that would like to go fishing and spend time with two great vets.


Army Veteran

Thank you guys so much…cannot express the gratitude my babies and I have for the experience that you guys made possible. Was first time fishing and in a boat too that being said. Had a blast having a fun, safe, and great time that was completely enjoyable. Thanks so much to Jim & Eric for being such great hosts!


Brandon & Kids
Navy Veteran

Awesome experience. Great group of guys. Really love veterans and there families. Will
be contacting soon to have another trip.


Army Veteran