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Helping military & veteran families live healthier and more fulfilling lives.

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February 18

2 Guests
2-6 PM
North Metro or
Western WI
Heated Fish House

March 4

4-6 Guests
8 AM-4 PM
Mississippi River
Pools 7-9
*Must be able to
walk dinstance

April 23

2 Guests
1-4 PM
A Favorite Lake
Western WI
Crappie Fishing With
FFF’s President

May 20

Ladies Only!
20 Guests
8 AM – noon
McQuoid’s Resort
Mille Lacs Lake

June 3

2 Guests
5-9 PM
A Favorite Lake
Western WI
Walleye Fishing With
FFF’s President

July 19 – July 20

10 Guests
Lake Michigan
Salmon Fishing
Accommodations at the
Lodge at Lethem Smith
An Epic Trip!

August 12

2 Guests
5 AM – 10AM
Two Harbors
An Adventure
Jigging for Lake
Trout on Superior

September 15

Partners Launch
(Sponsors & Supporters)
4 PM – 8PM
McQuoid’s Resort
Mille Lacs Lake Launch
Invite Only

November TBD

Min. 8 Guests
(Time & Location TBD)
Fly Tying Event
Lead by Project
Healing Waters Fly Fishing
Learn a New Skill!

I didn’t even realize how much I need a trip like this. 

C. W. - veteran

Cast a lifeline, and get a vet in our boat!

On average is costs us $200 to provide a memorable fishing trip to a vet. We provide everything they need to have a meaningful and fun experience. The camaraderie built while on the water has lasting benefits. We also do our best to ensure vets are connected with any supports, resources, or programs that would help improve their lives.


We’re In This Together

We know it can feel lonely, but you’re not alone. We’re here to help you ride out the storm.

We are here to help vets and their families reconnect with nature and other people. It is SO much more than fishing.

Fishing is a tool. A favorite tool. One that we’ve found works well over the years.

If you’re a vet who’s struggling or know of one, or a family member of a vet, please apply to attend one of our fishing excursions.